Thank you for your support of! Somebody pinch us.  Is summer over and are we really into Fall?  It’s amazing how fast the days fly by and what has been accomplished in that short period of time at Cutcaster with your help.  We quickly passed 300k uploads to Cutcaster in August but are in need of specific content that our buyers have requested. To see an updated list of images and illustrations that we still need and will be showcased to buyers, view the Photos and Vectors we need page here. We are attending the PictureHouse tradeshow in New York on October 14th and need your shots to show to the hundreds of buyers who will attend this event!  We are at table G4, right next to Getty, so stop by to say hello and enter to win an Amazon Kindle. Here are a few releases you may not have noticed. 1. Our first premium photography and vector collection was released called Crescendo. I am sure a couple of you noticed the creative firestorm it caused ;-) 2. Scaled pricing for different resolutions was introduced. 3. Expanded the scope of our rights offering with new Extended Licenses. 4. We increased the speed of the site and speed of search. Test it out from your last visit. We hired a new Creative Director to help with the growing collection. Along with the review team, she will be aggressively editing the collection, building "feature lightboxes," and communicating with and recruiting new photographers.  She is also helping to improve our upload method and review process in general. You can reach her at Don't forget our Affiliate Program! If you have a personal website, you can use our links and logos here to earn 10% from buyers and 5% from sellers who you refer! Fresh, New, and Exclusive! From June to September, we demo'ed the site for and talked with hundreds of new buyers to introduce them to the new Corporate Buyer Accounts.  We have forged personal relationships with our buyers and are responding to their suggestions on content and site mechanics. WE KNOW ATTRACTING  BUYERS IS PRIORITY NUMBER ONE FOR EVERYONE AND WE ARE WORKING HARD TO PROMOTE THE SITE EVERYWHERE. We know many of you mass market your photos.  Our buyers are also looking for exclusive content and want to find more of it at Cutcaster.  Don't forget you earn 50% on exclusive content and you can set the price. Thanks again for submitting to Cutcaster, it is your great work that makes us grow!  Keep an eye out for more improvements to site speed and search in the coming weeks! Warm Regards, The Cutcaster team