Sorry for the slight delay in the reviewing of images over the last week. We are in the process of doing a bit of spring cleaning in our database and removing some of the older images that weren't selling and re-keywording some of your images. That two pronged effort to clean up the database and some of the files keywords have taken some of the attention of our awesome reviewers off of the pending que and that is some of the cause of why the reviews may be slightly slower over the last week. Also if your files were smaller than 1600x1200 pixels then they were removed from the system because they didn't meet the minimum file size that we maintain at Cutcaster. On the other hand we have been getting a record number of uploads for Cutcaster which is great for our images buyers. We are all working overtime to make sure that the images and vectors are placed into the marketplace as quickly as possible and apologize for any delays. We also want to make sure we have the highest possible quality as well as best keyworded files so buyer don't waste time looking around Cutcaster. This is a huge step forward for everyone. Keep the content coming and we will make sure it is available as soon as possible. Thanks again for your support.