I received this email yesterday from a Cutcaster contributor. With all that is happening at Facebook with regards to ownership of posted content on their website, I thought I would respond. This email is the body of the email, "Maybe this is overreacting but with the uproar over Facebook's terms of service changes and in spite of their decision to revert to the old TOS, could you perhaps please clarify somewhere (blog?) your position on what happens to uploaded material and especially in the event someone cancels their account? I'm very satisfied with where Cutcaster is going but am now sitting here second guessing myself on having high res. images "out there" now that a trusted service like Facebook has comprised that trust." I told the user this. Bottom line is YOU own the content. It's yours. Not Cutcasters. A lot of it I wish I was the owner of it because it is so well done but YOU are the owner and you can choose to do with it what you like.  Cutcaster and I have no ownership over it at all.  Not one iota.  If you close your account I have no rights to hold it, use it or keep selling it. I am sad to see you and your content go but that choice is yours and there is no restrictions on how long you need to post your content at Cutcaster or time period that I hold the content.  You have the choice to upload and remove content at your convenience.  In almost all cases, I will pay the user if I use one of their images in our marketing efforts to be fair even when in the terms of the contract I can use it for promotional purposes.  I just think it is fair that I have to pay for it when I use it. If we ever do change the terms, I will make sure I post the changes before they are made in the forums, blog and in a newsletter and won't do any changes until it has been fully explained and discussed with the Cutcaster community at large.  I'm just as sick of seeing sites that change terms "mid-game" without telling anyone and under the shadow of darkness.  That is totally unfair and will never happen here.  This site is as much mine as it is yours so I make this promise that any changes will always involve the feedback from any member that raises their voice. Comments are welcome.