First off, I want to thank everyone who submitted images and vectors for our first Cutcaster Holiday contest. We received a really diverse set of images and vectors and had a hard time narrowing it down to just one winner for the vectors and images. Below are the top three submissions in both file types and the winner. Congrats to all those that participated and to the winners.

First we will start with vectors as there were a ton of great submissions. We are a huge fan of vectors here at Cutcaster so keep them rolling in. The two runner-ups in this year's contest were: Leonid Dorfman for "Illustration of Greeting card for Christmas"

and Michael Travers for "Illustration of snow globe ribbon."

Great work guys.

And now, without further delay, your 2008 Cutcaster vector contest winner is Jip Fens for his Illustration of Christmas party.

This illustration was chosen for its' concept and uniqueness. Nice work Jip.

Now we will move onto the photo side of the competition. The runner-ups for the photo contest were from two great contributors.

First runner up was Robert Byron's "Christmas Stocking."

Just nipping him out for second place was Robert Carner's "Christmas, the magic time of year."

And the winner is...drum roll pleaseeeeee.....Vince Clements and his "child's Christmas wish list."

Chosen for the excellent composition and colors. This photo truely brings out the Christmas Spirit.

Very proud of everyone and excited by all the submissions. Congrats to everyone and especially Jip and Vince. You guys have won the first annual Cutcaster Holiday Contest.