More and more we are hearing that graphic designers, advertisers and publishers are seeing the same images on every single site and they feel they have seen every image out there. We need to shake it up a bit.

There are a lot of categories that are not well represented in RF and need to be photographed in a non-cheesy, non-stocky way. I hear it all the time. Buyers really want pictures of real life situations that are candid, non-posed imagery that depicts its subjects behaving naturally. Authenticity is key. Here are some topics from the Photoshelter buyer research that can help you determine what you want to shoot. Post any ideas or other suggestions you have below.

The Photoshelter buyers survey found that there were major categories in which the "availability/quality/diversity (usefulness) of images typically found" was "poor to average". The following categories were pinpointed as the top 10 weakest:

1. Healthcare. 88%
2. Multicultural/Diversity. 86%
3. Seniors. 86%
4. Technology & Products. 85%
5. Interior D├ęcor. 84%
6. Eco-Friendly. 81%
7. Business Situations & Settings. 72%
8. Celebrity. 72%
9. Sports/Activities. 71%
10. Children/Young Adults. 72%

The key will be to take original and interesting new shots that look authentic. If you can do that you will have a winner.