Well, I am back for a moment from the Wild wild west of keyword-land and wanted to give you a quick update from the front lines.

First, I want to say thank you to the contributors who have gone back in and refined their keywords to describe just what is in the images and vectors and also add the commas back in. It is a big help and your continued help is very much needed.

While going through the keywords and getting them as descriptive as possible and in line with the searching tools we are about to unleash, you will notice that some of your files will now have the option to edit keywords locked on your media details page. You will not be able to re-edit these files' keywords. You will still be able to edit everything else about the file but the keywords are now locked and you must send us an email if you would like to add or take out keywords now going forward. This is so we can get some control over the keywords that are being used in the database and also make our search only return relevant results.

Here are some things to help you that relate to controlled vocabulary.

"Think Like a Buyer:
Buyers are looking for images that clearly represent the subject matter of the images without your interpretation or guesswork. For example, an image of a child at the beach eating a dripping ice cream cone clearly conveys summer. A studio food shot of an ice cream cone does not necessarily imply the same concept or meaning. A buyer who specifically has ice cream in mind to represent summer will use search terms to find "ice cream cone", not summer.

-Apply keywords consistently. If windsurfing should alternatively be keyworded as; wind surfing, then ALL of your windsurfing / wind surfing images should contain both versions of the word.

-Do not apply human attributes and emotions to images of animals; For example; love, smiling and happy are ok if used with images of humans, but "smiling dog" is likely to confuse a researcher."

We are going to be introducing our new "controlled vocabulary" very soon which will help everyone and are excited to get our keywords under control. If you have any questions please post below and I will be more than happy to explain.