On everyone's studio page there is a message that says this,

"Get more views. Post this to your Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, personal site or any webpage: http://www.cutcaster.com/studio/pub/582007626"

That is from my studio page for example. Please don't laugh at my photos as I was a former stock trader and some belong to my brother in law ;-)

This is very important for a few reasons and I highly recommend people trying this and linking back to their studios. One is it helps you get more traffic back to a site where you can sell your images. Two, it showcases your work and a site I hope you guys are proud of. Another reason is it helps Cutcaster get more incoming links which helps us in terms of getting higher rankings in the search engines so we show up higher in queries by buyers.

I'd like to ask you guys to try to link to us on the sites you are apart of so we can build Cutcaster together. I can't do this all alone and your help will really help make this a team effort and success.