Royalty Payments have been dropping for some time now as larger agencies are squeezing the content creator’s profitability for their unique content. To begin at Cutcaster, we are proud of the fact that we return a minimum of 40% of the proceeds to the producer/artist and in most cases more. Cutcaster was concieved and created as the best way to bring content to market and still pay the artist the most for his work. This means taking care of business and distribution hassles so that you are free to concentrate on your creative work. In addition, Cutcaster absorbs all the costs associated with the distribution and sale of your products including software development, maintenance, hosting and promotion. There is no risk to you and you will never have to pay any money for upfront costs. We only get paid when someone buys your work, and we are in the process of creating strategic partnerships so that the audience becomes massive.

Cutcaster provides a 60/40 (in our favor) for non-exclusive rights or 50/50 revenue split for exclusive rights to sell third party content such as stock footage, animations, motion graphics, vfx and photos. Again, this does not cost you or your company money up front, and you get paid based on sales, while maintaining complete ownership of your footage. There are no limitations in the amount you can make in residuals as the popularity and quality of your content will drive the demand for it, which in turn will drive the price. Meanwhile, there are no obligations; at any point you can terminate the contract and ask us to stop selling the footage.

We are going to be offering better commission rates to our founding members so please sign up here to receive them.