MORE CONTENT WE WANT…For Television and Print media

Think newsworthy and actuality. Are you the first to crime scenes? Got a great shot from your apartment building? Do you love being the first to report the news? Do you have the inside scoop on accidents, fires, local happenings, good Samaritans, or anything newsworthy.

Are you near the news worthy story. Think impact and quality. What about Huntington video footage of the earthquake. Do you have footage of the trapped miners in Utah? Is a national or international political convention or something that an editor at a news channel would want to put on the air happening around you. Get your camera out and get in contact with us. Put the fruits of your labor to work by submitting and uploading it to sell in Cutcaster’s marketplace for digital content.

Don’t let us forget about hurricane Katrina environmental problems, Palestinian refugees, Iraqi and Afghanistan conflict zones, and global poverty. Upload and license your video series, photos and audio clips. Television and newspapers can use this in stories they are reporting on and provides them the most attractive content for their licensing needs.