Uploading images by FTP enabled again

FTP is now enabled and ready for uploading. Still use uploads.cutcaster.com as the host and use the email you have registered with Cutcaster to login and then enter your Cutcaster password. Now you can upload and transfer the files to our site from your favorite FTP client. Your files will be automatically processed and added to the submit page. We hope you like the changes and let us know your feedback below or if you have trouble by sending us an email at webmaster@cutcaster.com.

One thought on “Uploading images by FTP enabled again

  1. Bob Davies

    Heya John

    I’ve just tested with my account, and it’s giving “530 Login authentication failed”, I’ve checked with a couple of different ftp clients, and from picWorkflow, and see the same message. Are you sure it has accounts correctly configured?


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