Photo Lightbox Feature Release- New additions and explanations

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New features you will see on a Lightbox Preview Page


1. Send this Lightbox to a Friend


2. Add this Page to a Lightbox


3. Purchase this lightbox


4. Add Single file to lightbox


From most pages at Cutcaster, you can now create new lightboxes, edit them, delete them, email them or add any of the files to your cart.

This will speed up the process and removes a lot of extra clicks. It also allows you to preview your lightbox from any page so you can see directly what is inside them without having to click to the lightbox preview page.

4 thoughts on “Photo Lightbox Feature Release- New additions and explanations

  1. admin Post author

    Here are some lightboxes we created with the tool.

    Lets see what you can make up and if you have images or illustrations you want added to any of these lightboxes.

    Abstract – abstracts are great for presentations, backgrounds and wallpaper.

    Baby - We love babies at Cutcaster and so do our buyers.

    Banking – We keep our eyes on the news!

    Baseball – If it’s spring it’s baseball season!

    Beach – It’s about time to play on the beach.

    Business People – One of the top searches. Our business people are tops.

    Calendar – Our vector calendars are tops.

    Car – Automotive topics are in the news and in demand.

    Cell Phone – Check out these fantastic images of people on the phone.

    Child- We love kids too!!!

    Computer - Computer and laptop images in high demand.

    Concept- This is a light box of Law Concepts. Search Concept for all of our light boxes with special themes.

    Cooking – Healthy cooking and eating images in high demand.

    Dog - Pooch portraits are on the rise.

    Drink - It’s happy hour! Search light boxes for Beverages for all our drink light boxes.

    Flowers - Still one of the most searched words. Check out our premium box.

    Food - We have some of the finest food photographers in the business at Cutcaster. Search on food for light boxes of food collections.

    Fruit - Beautiful, seasonal, fresh.

    Furniture - Isolated or in place, furniture shots have a lot of uses.

    Garden - Gardens, gardening, and outdoor living are hot topics.

    Golf - Fore!! We are looking for the greenest greens.

    Health Spa – Spa topics are sought after at Cutcaster.

    Illustration – Illustrations like web icons, silhouettes, concepts are in demand.

    Medical - Medicine and health care images are in high demand. We would love to see hospital and doctor’s offices.

    Money- Currency, financial, trading, and thrift concepts.

    Office Team- Office people in groups, interacting with each other.

    People family- Families acting naturally together in demand!

    Real estate – Front page news, real estate concepts are needed now.

    Sky- Something as simple as the sky, or as complex as weather are searched for now.

    Soccer – We are looking for sports of all kinds.

    Spiritual – Religion topics, we need many more of these themes.

    Wine – Connoisseurs love our wine images.

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