Introducing Lightboxes – Good-bye Clipfolders

From this point forward Cutcaster is re-branding the Clipfolders and calling them “Lightboxes” which is an industry standard term that photo buyers are used to seeing.

What is a Lightbox?

A lightbox at Cutcaster is a customized folder that lets a user organize digital photos and illustrations that they would eventually like to download or share with a colleague/friend. Any files can be assigned to a viewable lightbox folder by subject, for later convenience, or used to compile unrelated photos for a specific project layout. Lightboxes also allow photo buyers and graphic designers to show clients options for a project in one simple uncluttered folder.

Use the lightboxes to store a group of photos that you would like to eventually purchase or send to a colleague/friend to review. Lightboxes can be set to private or public depending on your purpose for using them.

I hope the change of names doesn’t confuse anyone and hope this makes using Cutcaster easier.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Lightboxes – Good-bye Clipfolders

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  2. El Yobo

    To be honest, it seems like a terrible abuse of the word lightbox. Perhaps you should have come up with a word that didn’t so badly mislead users?

  3. El Yobo

    I do notice that this article is one of the references there, so I don’t think that really backs you up :) It’s a circular link…
    The problem is that previously when someone referred to a lightbox, it was clear what it was. Now thanks to a poor naming decision by istockphoto, and those that followed them, it’s very unclear.

    It’s somewhat amusing that you can go to istockphoto, for example, and search for lightboxes and they will show you photos of an actual lightbox.

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