“Share” Button leads to more views and sales

Hey! Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Digg etc.??? Social media can be an amazing tool for gaining more distribution and getting more eyeballs on your content. You should take advantage of these simple to use tools and show the world your wonderful works of art!

How can you do this?

Go to the any media details page of images that you like or want to share on the web. There is a “Share” button on the right hand side of any media details page. Try it:

1-Click “Share”
2-Choose whatever social media site you have an account for and want to use.
3-Fill out the details (description and text)
4-Attract new viewers and buyers to your account!




These tools are important to use and test to see how you can better promote your work. We have noticed increases in views and sales from people who use this tool.

Top sites to send your work to include:
Google Bookmarks
Yahoo Bookmarks

4 thoughts on ““Share” Button leads to more views and sales

  1. Warren Price

    I had used the Share procedure to add my clipfolders to Google and watched it work very well … lots of views.

    I’m testing it now on Facebook with a single image. I’ll let you know.

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