Large buyer looking for these types of images for ongoing project

A large buyer has been inquiring about some images and below you will see some of the image and illustrations that they are looking for. They will be doing a lot of buying in the future, or at least we all hope, and I wanted to send along to you what they are looking for in terms of this projects. This is an ongoing need.

This is from the buyer that I got in an email

Regarding what we need–we are always looking for shots of paper of
different textures and ages.
And also different textures and tables for backgrounds.
Walls with molding showing
Bulletin board
table tops: Wood, stone, metal

Thanks for any help.

8 thoughts on “Large buyer looking for these types of images for ongoing project

  1. Kevin Tietz

    Check out my portfolio on Cutcaster, I have several architectural shots and also several great texture images. I hope I having some good stuff for you.

  2. admin Post author

    thanks guys. im keeping an eye on all this and sending it out to the buyer. If you can create clipfolders with these images in them that is great too. i will pass those along as well. thanks again and keep it coming.

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