Free Images on the homepage

We are going to be offering a few images and photos each week as free images/photos and will be linking to the person’s studio who offers them. This is to help us attract buyers to the site from the search engines.

Is there anyone who is interested in offering some of their images as freebies and help us out? We would be really grateful and are open to any ideas people have to reciprocate your good deed.

Please email webmaster AT cutcaster DOT com if you are interested.


2 thoughts on “Free Images on the homepage

  1. ThomsenImages

    I couldn’t pass up throwing a suggestion your way on how CC can reciprocate to photogs who offer an image free. Why not give each participating photographer an extra 5% on their next sale. You could limit the number of free images, and each weeks freebie from a photog has to be a different image. No 5% unless CC uses the proferred image in the freebie area which would give CC some editorial review. All sides benefit in this option – buyer, seller and CC. It would be a win-win for everyone.

  2. Teen Stock Traders

    yeah i agree with thomsenimages. give them 5% , it will increase your sales also .

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