What does Shenk think about all of you?

Interesting article on the rise of Microstock and amateur photogs for everyone out there. Amateur photographers are shaking up the global market for licensed images far quicker than video is for broadcasters, and even Bill Gates’s privately held image bank, Corbis, is having to reinvent itself.

Here is the last sentence of the article, “”There will be a shake-out in this space in the coming years but we’re happy with what we are doing. We think Corbis has the resources and patience to succeed in the long-term. We will beat them with better [commercial] execution.”"

I agree with him about Corbis having the resources (see Bill Gate’s pocketbook) and the shakeout (see LO and hearing Albumo up against the ropes) but we will have to wait and see if they can execute better. Up to this point they haven’t instilled us with confidence.

One thought on “What does Shenk think about all of you?

  1. Anonymous

    Corbis sucks, they have laid-off all of the competent people working there and now employ student and unintelligent sales persons who surf myspace all day and don’t go out of there way to help anyone unless your mtv or disney. Way to go Gary, that’s how you wreck a shining star that was once repected and admired. It is now just a machine out to screw photographers and content users.

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