So the Rumors are True- 2 Billion Photos On Flickr

2,000,000,000 is a lot of zeros. Flickr confirmed earlier that it had it’s 2 billionth photo uploaded to the site. The now famous photo was taken by “yukesmooks” in Sydney on November 10th with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. Sort of a boring shot if you ask us but to each their own. Flickr stated that 3-5 million new photos are uploaded to the site daily. DAILY! Looks like they will have about 3 billion at the end of the month at that rate ;-)

If you are bored on Friday, you can apparently find various Flickr milestones by typing in the URL, and replacing the X’s with the photo number.

When comparing this to other sites, Facebook has 4.1 billion photos on their site. That is a lot of drunk night out shots for one website ;-)

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