Streaming Media East in NYC 5/14/07

Went to the exhibit today and met with a few really interesting companies ie On2 Technologies, Entriq, Navisite and Limelight. It’s amazing how much innovation and excitement there is around video and digital content in general. I was particularly impressed with thePlatform who was bought by Comcast last July. I had thought for a while that we couldn’t work with thePlatform because of their affiliation with Comcast but that is not true. I’ll definitely be talking to them more int he future.

2 thoughts on “Streaming Media East in NYC 5/14/07

  1. griffin

    They had a nice demo set up to showcase their video compression technology which i was interested in seeing. They also took me through their On2 Flix Publisher which I thought looked pretty easy to use and really streamlined the process of ingesting UG video. Something that is very important to us and our users. Then they spoke a bit about their partnership with Brightcove and how they are working with them. All in all though, I was most impressed with thePlatform and Andrew Leighton who I met there. I have a good feeling that we will be speaking with them a lot more in the future.

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